Choosing the Right Procedure and Plastic Surgeon

Choosing to have plastic surgery or even non-surgical procedures such as Botox or other treatments can be a daunting task at first. Which procedure is right for you? Which physician will you trust with something so important?

Let’s start with what the goals of plastic surgery are. We think of these procedures in two broad areas: (1) reconstructive and (2) cosmetic. Reconstructive procedures are more likely to be covered by insurance, and they are generally designed to rebuild or restore parts of the body to their original state following such incidents as accidents, burns or cancer surgeries. These procedures are often medically and functionally necessary, but they can have cosmetic advantages as well.

Cosmetic surgeries, on the other hand are about something different. What we work to do with cosmetic procedures is to replicate on the outside what you feel on the inside and what you want to project to the world.  Here is what we believe the starting point should be for any potential patient:

Recognize that you are already beautiful.

Regardless of your body type, your age, the wrinkles that may appear over time, the results of childbirth or the effects of just living life – you are beautiful right now.  You may, of course, choose to further enhance your beauty – as you alone define it – in various ways through plastic surgery or non-surgical techniques such as Botox or other fillers. 

Start with identifying what areas you would like to address and why. For some, it is just turning back the clock a little bit or smoothing out a few wrinkles. Others may feel their professional career image will be enhanced through various procedures, and some may want to address other issues just to feel better about how they present themselves to the world. Go to our procedures pages here and learn more about the broad range of options available, including non-surgical treatments.

Plastic surgery is much more prevalent today than you may think. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 17.7 million cosmetic procedures and 5.8 million reconstructive procedures performed in the last full year available. 

Just because procedures are commonplace doesn’t mean you will get the same result with every practitioner. You should look for three primary things: (1) an exceptionally well-trained surgeon; (2) decades of experience with a broad range of procedures and complications; and (3) a personalized approach: someone who will listen to you and make you a priority. The tool we have developed below will help you as your evaluate your options.  When you are ready, contact us to schedule a personalized, private consultation at your convenience.