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Buttocks Enlargement

Adding roundness or fullness to the appearance of the buttocks is gaining popularity with women desiring a full firm buttock shape with a high gluteal prominence or bulge.  Three techniques are used to enhance the shape of the buttocks

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Silicone Implants

The best known of these procedures is the placement of a silicone implant into each buttock.  A short incision is made up and down between the buttocks.  A pocket is made inside of each gluteus muscle and the implant is inserted.   These silicone implants are different from the silicone implants that are used for breast augmentation. These implants are firm rubber, like a doorstop or a rubber ball. They should be positioned high in the muscle so that you do not feel them when sitting normally. This procedure is the best for selected patients, such as thin women who have little fat to transfer have no other choice. A precise volume enhancement is achieved because the implants do not change size. The procedure is completely reversible by removing the implants.

Micro-Fat Transfers

The next most common procedure, and the procedure that is putting butt enlargement on the map, is the micro-fat transfer.  In this procedure, fat is removed from other areas of the body and reinserted into the fat and muscle layers of the buttock.  There are no scars with this procedure. This procedure can be repeated to add even more fullness to the buttocks. The procedure is reversible by performing liposuction.

Dermo-Fat Flap

The third procedure is relatively new, and it is only performed in conjunction with a lower body lift, usually on formerly obese patients who have experienced massive weight loss.  This procedure uses the tissue layers above the buttocks. The lower body lift cuts away these loose tissues, however, they can be preserved as a pair of flaps. The flaps are folded into the buttocks, just as you would use a small pillow behind a larger pillow to increase its projection. The flaps are limited to the size of the excess tissue.

Labial Rejuvenation

As women age and particularly after having children, the labia often become stretched and enlarged.  This excess skin can be uncomfortable and cause women to feel self-conscious.  Labiaplasty restores a smooth, youthful appearance to the labia by reducing excess skin around the genital area.