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Accomplishing your weight loss goals is something to celebrate. Whether you have lost a significant amount of weight as a result of a strict diet and exercise regimen, or you have recently recovered from bariatric surgery, you may be thinking about the next steps forward. For many weight loss patients, the body contouring procedure is the best option.

Patients who opt for body contouring after weight loss are in search of a way to sculpt and trim their new bodies. Significant weight loss often results in excess skin in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks, and it can be difficult to rectify this through exercise alone. Skin reduction surgery allows patients to achieve the look that they have long desired. 

Body Contouring After Surgery Fast Facts

  • Cost: Individual procedure costs are described within their specific sections on this website, whereas combined procedures are generally less costly than the sum of the individual procedures
  • Recovery Time: Most contouring procedures have a 4-6 week recovery time.
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What is After Weight Loss Surgery?

There is no standard approach to after weight loss surgery. Body contouring after weight loss is a process that requires a skilled plastic surgeon to evaluate your health, your weight loss progress and your personal goals for your body contouring results. The plastic surgeon will likely recommend several procedures that can be performed simultaneously in order to help you reach your goals.

With this procedure, in particular, it's important to understand that every patient is assessed on an individual basis. Each client is unique and deserves a customized solution that will meet their personal needs. The goal is to create a surgical plan that will eliminate excess skin and remaining fat in order to give the patient a trim, fit and healthy appearance. Many consider body contouring after weight loss to be the ultimate reward for their effort and sacrifice during their weight loss journey.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Adult men and women who have experienced significant weight loss are the ideal candidates for body contouring procedures. Whether an individual has achieved their weight loss goals through gastric bypass surgery or a diet and exercise regimen, they will find that after weight loss surgery allows them to achieve their desired appearance. 

Any patient who is considering body contouring after weight loss should be in good physical and emotional health. The surgeon will assess the patient and determine if skin reduction surgery is the right option for their needs.

Excess Skin Removal Surgery Before and After

Cost of Surgery to Remove Excess Skin

The cost of body contouring after weight loss will vary significantly, largely because of the personalized approach that is used for this procedure. After weight loss surgery typically involves a series of cosmetic procedures, and the cost will depend on the number of procedures that are required to achieve the desired results.

The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost for your surgery is to schedule a consultation appointment. At this appointment, Dr. Lincenberg can provide you with insight into which procedures might benefit you, and how much your after weight loss surgery will cost.

It's important to be aware of the fact that most health insurance policies will not cover the cost of elective surgery, including after weight loss surgery. Dr. Lincenberg offers convenient payment options for his patients in order to make skin reduction surgery as affordable as possible for all who need it.

After Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

There are many after weight loss surgery procedures that can benefit men and women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight. Some of the procedures that may be included in after weight loss surgery include:

  • Flattening the stomach.
  • Raising the buttocks.
  • Tapering the upper arms.
  • Reducing skin on the inner thighs.
  • Reducing brasserie line bulges.
  • Excess skin removal.

Request A Consultation

What to Expect — Consultation to Recovery


Given the fact that the weight loss skin removal surgery needs to be highly personalized in order for you to get the results you desire, it's important to book consultation appointments with multiple surgeons. This will allow you to get to know different surgeons and understand their approach, and will help you select the best plastic surgeon for your after weight loss surgery.

During each consultation appointment, you should ask the surgeon a variety of questions, such as:

  • Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?
  • How many body contouring procedures do you perform on a regular basis?
  • Do you have any before and after photographs of patients who have recently had after weight loss surgery?
  • Which body contouring procedures do you feel would allow me to achieve my desired results?
  • What would the cost be for my surgery? Do you offer payment options? 

It is important to select a surgeon who is open and honest during the consultation appointment. You should feel comfortable discussing your goals, your concerns and your questions with the surgeon, and you should feel confident in the conversation that you have with them.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Lincenberg

If you are considering body contouring after weight loss, you should schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lincenberg. Dr. Lincenberg is known as a body contouring and male breast reduction surgeon. Not only is he Mayo Clinic-trained and board-certified, but he also has more than 25 years of experience providing patients with personalized plastic surgery results.

Preparing for Your Surgery

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, it is important to prepare for your procedure. It is best to enjoy a well-balanced diet and light exercise in the weeks prior to your surgery, as this will help you be both physically and mentally prepared for the procedure itself as well as the recovery period afterward. 

In addition to preparing your body and mind for the surgery, you also should take care of important logistics prior to your procedure. You will want to make sure that you have booked time off of work for the procedure as well as for your recovery, and you also should contact a trusted family member or friend to transport you to and from your surgery.

The Procedure

The procedure itself will vary based on the work that is required for your specific circumstances. While body contouring is an outpatient surgery, general anesthesia is required in order to complete the procedures involved. The surgery may last anywhere from one hour to several hours, depending on which procedures you are having performed. Most patients are able to go home from the clinic that day, but some may require an overnight stay. The surgeon will provide you with detailed information about pain management after your surgery.


Similar to the procedure process, the recovery time will vary for body contouring depending on the types of procedures performed. Most patients find that they need to rest and recover for several weeks after the surgery. Your surgeon can provide you with specific information about how much time you should take off from work, and which activities you should avoid in the weeks following your surgery.

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"The staff here is amazing -- respectful, friendly, and they did their best to make sure I felt comfortable throughout the process of setting up for my surgery and the followups after. Dr. Lincenberg is very confident and at the surgery center he helped me feel comfortable and more relaxed going into the surgery. The office sets up multiple followup appointments to check on you post-op to make sure you're healing well and that everything is coming along fine. I had a great experience here." - Rae

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