Plastic Surgery Prices

Our prices for cosmetic surgery reflect the 29 years of care and experience of our Mayo Clinic- trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg. We’ve developed price range estimates to give our potential clients a lower range and upper range of actual costs. The actual costs will be determined after we understand your individual needs and wants for the procedure.

We understand plastic surgery is an investment and want all of our clients to pursue it with as much knowledge as possible. Schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Lincenberg to learn more about the Atlanta plastic surgery procedures you’re interested in and get a specific quote. 

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

Pricing includes surgeon’s fee, operating room fee, anesthesia fee, all pre- and post-appointments, implants and garments.


Tummy tuck: 8000-10,000

Panniculectomy: 5200-5600

Eyelift, upper: 3000-3700

Eyelift, upper and lower: 5800-7500

Breast augmentation (saline implants): 5000-5500

Breast augmentation (silicone implants) : 5000-9000

Breast lift: 4300-6500

Breast lift with implants: 9200-11500

Breast reduction: 8000-8500

Browlift: 4600-5200

Chestplasty: 5800-6300

Cheeklift: 5600-6300

Chin implant: 4500-4700

Facelift: 8500-9000

Facelift/4 lids: 12,000-13,500

Facelift/4 lids/browlift: 16,600-17,000

Fat graft, face: 2600

Fat graft, pectora: 3300

Fat graft, buttocks: 4500+ liposuction (aka Brazilian butt lift)

Gynecomastia: 6100-6300

Labiaplasty: 4100-5500

Liposuction: 2000-8000

Ear pinning: 6000-6200

Nose job: 6500-8400

Thigh lift: 11,200-11,800

Transgender mastectomy: 8400-8600

Tracheal shave: 3800

Upper arm lift: 6400-6600



BOTOX: 195 & up

Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus: 500 per syringe

Kybella chin fat reduction: 900 per vial

Restylane: 500 per syringe

Sculptra: 850 per syringe

Voluma: 1000 1st syringe, 850 additional syringes


Most of the prices are range estimates, actual prices will change based on the individual needs of the patient.