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Facelift (Rhytidectomy) and Mini-Facelift Cost & Procedure Information

Facelifts remove excess skin that is loose and sagging on the face and neck. They also can tighten underlying tissue. Eyelid surgery is often performed at the same time as a facelift, to give a younger-looking eye - with less puffiness and bags.

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The Traditional Facelift Procedure

A facelift performed by Dr. Lincenberg does not leave obvious scars. Instead, incisions are hidden—they are made along the hairline from the temple down and into the ear, around the ear lobe and to the back of the ear. Sometimes a small incision is made under the chin to remove excess fat. After separating the skin from the muscle and fat underneath, sagging muscles and tissues can be tightened and fat deposits removed. The specific set of facial muscles that are tightened are called the superficial musculoaponeurotic system.

As a result of a facelift, patients will look refreshed, rested and healthy—and 10 years younger. The tightened skin and tissue will lessen and eliminate wrinkles, creases, and lines as they restore the younger, natural contours of one's face.

Mini Facelift

If you're just started to show the classic signs of aging, like longer jowls and more saggy cheeks, a mini facelift might be for you! A mini facelift, which is sometimes called a short-scar facelift, uses overall fewer incisions and focuses on less auxiliary procedures than a full facelift. Because it focuses on a limited section of the face, it is perfect for clients with mild to moderate skin laxity in their cheeks and neck.  

Skin-only Facelift

The subcutaneous facelift, also known as the skin-only facelift, is the most common face-lift procedure of the past. In that procedure, the surgeon would make an incision on the face, pull the skin back, cut away excess skin and reattach it. It created a "wind-tunnel" look and because of the skin's amazing ability to stretch, it would only last 3-5 years. It can still be performed, but depending on your particular situation, we would suggest a full-facelift or a mini-facelift. 

Surgical Technique To Perform Facelift

To perform a facelift, incisions need to be made near the hairline and then behind the ear. These incisions are strategically placed to make them as hidden as possible. 90% of our clients tell us after treating their scars appropriately, they can't even see them after 3-6 months.

The facelift procedure is an outpatient procedure and takes 3-4 hours. It is done under general anesthesia, so you won't be able to feel anything. Patients normally take a week to two weeks off work to rest and recover after the surgery. Normally it takes around two weeks for swelling and bruising to subside after the surgery.

Facelift Cost

Depending on your personal needs a full facelift in the Atlanta area can cost anywhere from $8000-$14000. If you only have mild to moderate skin laxity, you might only need a mini-facelift. A mini-facelift can cost anywhere from $6000-$8000.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to a Facelift

Patients with mild skin laxity can also improve the "tightness" of their face through injectable fillers. We offer different non-surgical facial rejuvenation products like Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Sculptra. Click to learn more about our non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures

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