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AMAZING! Everything about my experience here has been top notch from the very first phone call and consultation to finishing thru the healing after the procedure. Every person in the office is friendly and kind yet professional and knowledgeable. I had a breast augmentation and could not be happier with the results. And for the best part, I was referred here by my MIL who had a breast augmentation also by Dr. Lincenberg 20 years ago and she still looks incredible too! - Megan J.

First, I would have to start with my experience from my consultation through having my bandages removed has been awesome. Dr. Sheldon and his entire team are the best! My surgery and recovery was better than I thought. I honestly don’t have anything but great things to say. I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon for any of your needs. It’s a high 5 for me. - Arlette F. 

Dr. Licenburg and his staff have been amazing. From my first call to my post operative appointments everyone have been super nice but also knowledgeable and professional. I was shopping around for breast reduction surgery and the moment I had my consultation with Dr.Licenburg I knew I didn’t want any other Doctor to handle my first ever surgery. I am now two weeks out and still feel the same. This has probably been the best recovery a person could have and I know it’s due to Dr.Licenburg’s expertise, care for his patients, and years in the field. I have a friend considering a mommy makeover and have already recommended her do a consultation here! - Meagan F. 



I definitely recommend Dr. Lincenburg, he is so nice and so knowledgeable and will guide and support you through anything you want done! smile - Gianna B. 



After numerous consultations by several plastic surgeons, feeling like I was not heard and my concerns were ignored, I FINALLY found Dr. Lincenburg and his amazing staff! Not only did they listen to me, they cared about the pain I was experiencing and wanted to help find a solution. I was told by a very well known and reputable surgeon in the Atlanta area that my insurance would not approve the procedure I desperately needed. I then found Dr. Lincenburg who assured me he would help facilitate and advocate for me with my insurance company. And he did!! His wonderful and caring nurse and office manager never gave up and kept pushing my case until insurance approved my procedure! I cannot thank them enough for advocating for me, listening to me and truly hearing me. I am MORE than happy with my results and will forever be a loyal client to this practice! Thank you to Dr. Lincenburg, Tracy and Vera!! - Jennifer R. 



First, I would have to start with my experience from my consultation through having my bandages removed has been awesome. Dr. Sheldon and his entire team are the best! My surgery and recovery was better than I thought. I honestly don’t have anything but great things to say. I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon for any of your needs. It’s a high 5 for me. - Arlette F. 



Wonderful experience with Dr. Lincenburg and staff! Everyone made my reduction process so smooth and easy! I should've done this years ago, is my only regret. Healing process has been excellent, I love how I look, and I am so excited about all of the possibilities I have been given through this procedure! Thank you, Dr. Lincenburg + staff!!! - Britt W. 



This is my first ever surgery and Dr. Lincenberg office is at their best. The people who worked their is amazingly nice and very helping and make you feel at home.
Dr. Lincenberg is the best doctor in a while he will guide from the start and letting you decide of the size you wanted and he gives you freedom to just be yourself while guiding you in achieving your perfect enough goals. So I honestly highly recommended Dr. Lincenberg. I’m very happy with the result of my breast augmentation. ✨ - MJ P. 



After going to several consultations with different surgeons, I found Dr. Lincenberg and chose him as my surgeon, and I couldn't be happier. He and his office were very informative, helpful, professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring through the entire process leading up to the surgery, and in several follow up appts so far. The surgery itself went smoothly, as did the initial follow up appts. When I had pain that lasted a bit longer than expected (beyond the amount of time I was prescribed meds for), Dr. Lincenberg was great about having me come in and check for any issues and re-prescribe pain meds. After about 1 month I was off all pain meds.
Any surgery can be really scary, so it's important to find a doctor and practice who understands that and compassionately walks you through the entire process. That's why I totally and confidently recommend Dr. Lincenberg and his office/staff for your surgery needs. - C G



I had a great experience. The staff is caring, considerate, and compassionate. The office facility itself is top notch-nice, clean, and in a lovely building.

Dr. Lincenberg has taken 15 years off my face I never thought I would have a facelift, but as the "turkey jowels" got bigger and bigger, I knew it was critical to my perception of how I look. He truly cared about my happiness with the procedure and results. 

Bottom line; do it, do it now, and do it with Dr. Lincenberg. I am absolutely delighted." - M


"Having moved to Georgia from Pennsylvania, I wasn’t familiar with trans resources or trusted surgeons to perform a mastectomy in the area. After a bit of research it became clear Dr. Lincenberg’s office was the best choice. Upon calling to schedule a consultation, I was greeted by friendly and charismatic staff. The environment is overwhelming comfortable; something that’s crucial to avoid anxiety in this stress inducing process. Dr. Lincenberg is experienced and personable, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my mastectomy." - Kayden




"My experience was wonderful at Dr. Lincenberg’s office! I had breast implants and mini tummy tuck and they both turned out amazing! I only wanted to go a little bigger on my breasts, and he got it perfect ~ exactly what I had envisioned. Reasonably priced as well." - Nicole

"Dr. Lincenberg explained to me every detail about the surgery. He has amazing bedside manner and never made me feel uncomfortable during exams. Post-surgery results look amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor." - Nikolai

"I have had an absolutely amazing experience here with Dr. Lincenberg. He’s an amazing surgeon, very capable and skilled. I could not be happier with my results. Dr. Lincenberg and his staff, especially Kerry, always took such great care of me and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I have loved working with everyone here through my process and they have all been wonderful. Thank you to everyone who made my experience amazing! Couldn’t have asked for anything more." - Alexander

"I simply love Dr.Lincenberg. I am extremely pleased and grateful to have had him as my doctor. He is very kind and caring. He is very experienced in his field and is very uptodate in his field. He planned a reconstruction procedure for me with utmost precision. He wanted to do the least possible surgery for me with the best outcome. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I had visited two other plastic surgeons before and they had proposed different procedures for the reconstruction but Dr. Lincenberg's procedure was the least invasive, less recovery time inspite of my prior complications. I think its because he is very good about planning the procedures, individualizing the procedures and his experience of many years added to his passion to do the best for his patients. I am a physician myself and it was very difficult for me to be a patient. But him and his staff made the journey very easy for me. I would receive phone calls before the weekends to have me come in because Dr. Lincenberg wanted to make sure I was healing well. And his staff is extremely loving and caring as well. I loved Kerrie, Vera, Kendra, Julie, everyone at his office. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that needs a plastic surgeon. He is THE BEST!!!" -B N

"Dr. Lincenberg and his team have been absolutely wonderful in every sense of the word. I felt 100% comfortable through the whole process and couldn’t be happier with the results." - Caleb

"Dr. Lincenberg and staff was Amazing. My experience was wonderful. The atmosphere and the staff makes you feel you are part of the family. I highly recommend use his services he was professional, detailed and provided step by step information on my surgery. I am very very pleased and happy about my new couture body." - Patricia

"The team is absolutely wonderful and Dr. Lincenberg is the best! I never thought I would be able to look so good. Thank you all" - Tamara

"I keep going back for more. Professional and the best bedside manor I ever experienced. He made me feel so comfortable and made sure I felt secure and pain free. Highly recommend Dr. Lincenberg." -Jennie

"Dr. Linceberg and his staff are amazing! He is definitely worth every penny. They were all so accepting, they treated us like family. Dr. Linceberg makes you feel so comfortable and he shares in on the excitement that you feel! He is amazing at what he does!!! I love Dr. Sheldon and his staff." - Kaylyn

"Dr. Lincenberg is awesome! Great with his patients, does beautiful work, and I'm really excited about the results of his recent recommendation to get rid of some dark sun spots on my face - spot chemical peel - never heard of this before and it worked like a charm! Thank you Dr. L!" - Pam

"Very friendly staff. Absolutely amazing at being helpful with anything you may need." - Sid

"Everyone at the office was professional and wonderful to work with. Good experience and results." - Lane

"Loved my experience with this office. I love my results" - Taylor