Other Facial Procedures

Chin, Cheek and Mandible Augmentation

Most of us are not born with high cheekbones. Many people believe high cheekbones are more attractive and beautiful and that a triangular face is preferred to around one. In addition, as we age, our faces tend to drop and what little triangular shape we have diminishes.

Cheek augmentation can give you prominent, high cheekbones. Dr. Lincenberg customizes the procedure for each individual. One approach is to place a contoured, silastic implant above the cheekbone. If you have a hollow or sunken area underneath your cheeks, implants can be used to fill out your face. Chin augmentation or fat removal is sometimes done in conjunction with cheek augmentation to achieve maximum improvement.

Many people have a chin that is too small or underdeveloped. When the chin is undersized, it affects the entire face. It can make an overbite appear much more pronounced and severe. This condition can be corrected through chin augmentation, which can enlarge and improve the contour of an undersized or receding chin. An implant may be used for your chin augmentation. A small incision is made inside the mouth or underneath the chin. The implant goes into a small pocket created next to the chin bone. Another option is to cut a portion of the chin bone and move it forward slightly. This option is done from inside the mouth and there is no scarring.

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Double Chin Reduction

There are several ways to reduce a double chin—with liposuction, with a facelift, or with a chin implant. Each procedure is appropriate for specific circumstances. During your consultation, Dr. Lincenberg will discuss which procedure is appropriate for you.

If the only area requiring correction is the double chin, then liposuction is generally the answer. Liposuction will reduce the fat which forms the double chin.

Ear Surgery

Perfectly normal ears that stick out too far can be a continual source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Even small children are aware of this difference in appearance from other children. Fortunately, this problem is corrected with a minor surgery that repositions the ears closer to the side of the head with no scars on the front of the ears.

Lip Enlargement and Lip Reduction

There are several options for enlarging the lips, ranging from injections such as Restylane and Juvederm to lip implants and fat grafts for lip fullness. During your consultation, Dr. Lincenberg will discuss the various options appropriate for you.

Lip reduction is performed from within the mouth, removing some of the excess lip fat and muscle. The patient often notices that their smile appears larger when the lips are smaller.