Breast Augmentation

  • This 21 year old woman chose 340cc shaped silicone implants.

  • This 34 year old African-American woman has lost 50 lbs. and her breasts deflated during the weight loss. She is very athletic and desires a “balanced” figure. She chose shaped silicone implants, 320cc for her right breast and 360cc for her left breast.

  • This 48 year old professional desires an attractive enhancement of her breasts. She selected round silicone 250cc implants to fit her 5’7”, 135 lb. figure.

  • This 33 year old woman decided to enhance her breasts after having her children.

  • This 20 year old model requested silicone implants for their natural look and feel.

  • This 29 year old woman wanted a fuller figure with no visible scars. Her scars are located on the lower edge of her areolae and have blended in very well.

  • This 23 year old woman chose 350cc silicone implants to augment her 5’8”, 140 lb. torso.